Gerald Fulton, Jr., more formally known and referred to as HitMan BallGame Holla, was born March 29th in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a college basketball super star, successful battle rapper, entrepreneur and most importantly a wonderful father to his son, Geremiah. HitMan acquired his passion for sports at a very early age. On the [basketball] court he was a force to be reckoned, averaging 26.6 in the Region during his college career at Mineral Area College. He eventually secured a scholarship to California State Northridge but later transferred to University of Missouri-St. Louis where he completed his college basketball career with an average of 23.1. Although sports continue to be a hobby, it is not the only thing HitMan is passionate about. Aside from his attraction to skinny, petite women in leggings, HitMan was drawn to the battle rap scene during his high school years. He exploded onto the battle scene quickly making a name for himself. HitMan credits much of his influence to enter the battle scene to other successful battle rappers he watched growing up such as X-Factor and Mook. Impressive is an understatement when referring to HitMan's battle rap résumé. He has 5 successful Ultimate Rap League (URL) battles under his belt and 3 of those appearances were Main Events. With his unmatched stage presence, outstanding lyrical ability, unforgettable punch lines and aggressive style, HitMan is undeniably one of the BIGGEST names in Battle Rap today…a new legend to say the least. While like most aspiring young artists, HitMan likes to pay homage to late greats such as Tupac and Biggie yet he proudly recognizes the St. Lunatics and Kriss Kross for their great influence over his musical ambitions. There is no stopping HitMan in his climb up the ladder of success because he is attacking the game at all angles. HitMan is currently pursuing other ventures including the launch of a new clothing line inspired by his unique branding callout "BALLGAME" and let it not be a surprise to anyone if we see HitMan on the big screen sometime in the future because he has declared acting as an addition to his list of long-term aspirations. In the meantime, you can follow HitMan on Twitter @HitManHolla and Instagram HitManHolla. Just two words after this…"BALL GAME!!!" #YettttttttYetttttttt


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